Helping you valorize biodegradable waste and biomasses

Founded in 2011, BioGTS Ltd. is a growing Finnish manufacturer of biogas and biodiesel plants.

BioGTS manufactures patented and factory-made biogas and biodiesel plants that enable more profitable treatment of organic waste and generation of bioenergy. We are Finland’s leading provider of biogas technology solutions.

Our head office and manufacturing facilities are located in Jyväskylä, you are welcome to visit us!

Generating renewable energy and fuel

Designing and manufacturing biogas and biodiesel plants, as well as providing the operating and maintenance services form the core of BioGTS’s business. Our main product is the scalable and prefabricated biogas, biogas upgrading and biodiesel plant solution for the treatment of biodegradable waste and its utilization as renewable energy and renewable fuels.

Innovative product development opens up new possibilities

The personnel at BioGTS has decades worth of experience in studying, designing and constructing biogas and biodiesel plants. As a result of our extensive R&D work, we have managed to create a new generation biogas and biodiesel plant concept that enables high energy efficiency of the process, and lowers investment and operating costs.

The products and services that we offer are scalable and can be assembled from standard modules, so that the client gets the turn-key solution they need, completed with an efficient industrial process.

Awards bring distinction

We have had great success in several competitions. We are honored to have received the following accolades, among others:

  • “The growth company of the year in Central and Eastern Finland”, Kauppalehti, 2018
  • “Finland’s fastest growing company”, Kauppalehti, 2016
  • “The growth company of the year in Central and Eastern Finland”, Kauppalehti, 2016
  • Kasvu Open venture competition, honorable mention, 2015
  • “Marketing Effort of the year 2016 in Central Finland
  • “Top 5 Energy Sector’s Most Promising Finnish Startup Company”, 2015
  • Kasvu Open venture competition, winner of Bioeconomy Metsä Group Growth Track, 2015
  • First prize in “Gasum innovation competition”, 2015
  • Top 25, Nordic Cleantech Open Start-ups, 2014
  • Kasvu Open venture competition, honorable mention, 2013

In addition, we have received nominations in the following competitions:

  • “The Best Start-up company of the Finnish Energy sector”, Tekes, 2016
  • “Future Maker of the Rural Area”, (Maaseudun Tulevaisuus newspaper), 2016
  • “Technology Growth Company of the year”, Tekniikka & Talous Magazine, 2016
  • Cleantech Later Stage Awards, 2015 & 2017


Our vision is to grow into an internationally esteemed biogas and biodiesel plant manufacturer, which can provide high value for the customer with resource and energy efficient products, processes and life cycle services, working for cleaner and more sustainable environmental practices. The product offering consists of scalable and modular products which can be easily tailored to the needs of individual customers by utilizing standardized modular structures, yet offering turnkey solutions produced by efficient industrial processes.

OUR CORE VALUE: To provide value for the customer by high quality, innovative and sustainable solutions.


Our goal is to have the most satisfied customers in the market and to provide our clients with turn-key biorefineries that are best on the market, and supply the related equipment and operating and maintenance services for the biorefineries.


We aim to achieve our vision by working to attain a cleaner, more thriving environment through our resource-efficient products, processes and life-cycle services. In addition, we receive support from our strong network of subcontractors and experts, who we can rely on to offer our clients the best possible solutions.