Product development

The factory in Jyväskylä has pilot-scale biogas and biodiesel plants that can be used in BioGTS’s product development, to study, test and pilot the suitability of different feedstocks in biogas and biodiesel production, among other things. Biogas research is conducted in both our batch and continuously operating test reactors.

We also have a pilot-scale biogas upgrading unit.

Pilot test runs help with design work

The test equipment is also used to conduct feedstock and gas production tests for our clients. The pilot-scale equipment can be used to do test runs on feedstock mixtures designed by a client, for example, or to test different feedstock combinations.

The test run results provide comprehensive data and an expert assessment of the process’s suitability for treating the feedstock mixture in question, as well as representative data on the biogas and/or biodiesel production potential using the feedstock in question. Additionally, depending on the analyses, the results can provide an assessment of the ways in which the digestate could be used as fertilizer. This information can be used as basis for planning investments and optimizing a process when preparing to invest in a biogas and/or a biodiesel plant.

Would a pilot test run be a suitable solution for your needs?

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