It all began in Mika’s garage

The idea for BioGTS came to life in 2008 when our Managing Director Mika Rautiainen started developing a business idea based on a new kind of treatment and utilization method for organic wastes. A few years later, the product development was already running at full speed – in Mika’s garage.

The company was built around expertise

BioGTS was officially founded in 2011. After its foundation, the company began promoting its commercial projects and building itself a professional team of workers and international networks. Arising needs, the continuous improvement of skills and the ability to serve both current and future clients have all been taken into account when building the team.

BioGTS hires several new employees every year, and we are constantly looking for new experts to join us. You can read more about our vacant jobs or submit an open application here.

Contracts and patents

In 2013, BioGTS began building its sales and marketing networks and signed agent contracts in several countries. The first patent applications were also submitted around this time. Since then, patents have been applied for at regular intervals, which speaks volumes of the continuity in the company’s product development. BioGTS was granted its first patents in 2015.

Growth years embellished with accolades

The first years of BioGTS’s operation have been embellished with a large number of prestigious awards and honorable mentions. Our company’s innovative technological solutions have attracted attention, particularly at energy and cleantech competitions.

In 2013, BioGTS received an honorable mention at the Kasvu Open venture competition, and the following year the company was nominated as one of the top 25 in the Startup category at the Nordic Cleantech Open. In addition, BioGTS has won Gasum’s Hyvän ilman lintu innovation competition (2015), been the Finnish nominee for Cleantech Later Stage Awards (2015 and 2017), and chosen as the fastest growth company in Finland (Kauppalehti, 2016). You can view all BioGTS’s accolades here.