From whom personal information is collected



The categories of the collected personal data  

Name, address, personal identification number or date of birth, telephone number, e-mail address of the person submitting the application, information on the educational background of the person, details of the person’s work history, possible salary request, job in which the person is interested in, possible referees, any other information shared by the person himself. Please note that processing your application requires comprehensive information.


Data sources for personal data, purpose of processing and legal basis for processing

Personal data will be collected with the individual’s consent via the recruitment form on our website and the applications sent by e-mail. This information is used for recruiting personnel.


Recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data

Registry data is disclosed within the company only to the extent that is mandatory for the purpose of recruiting. The site administrator may have access to information collected through the recruitment form on the site in conjunction with maintenance-related tasks.


Personal data protection and storage time

Computers are protected by usernames, all computers have virus protection, the company has a firewall, cloud service. Only administrator (Financial Manager) has access to the register. Personal data is deleted when it is no longer needed for recruitment tasks.



From whom personal data is collected

Persons who submitted a contact request, downloaded the brochure, or ordered the newsletter


The categories of collected personal data

Person’s name, phone number, e-mail address. Please note that all the information is not necessarily the prerequisite for the desired action (sending a contact request, downloading a brochure, or ordering a newsletter).


Data sources for personal data, purpose of processing and legal basis for processing

Information is collected with the consent of the data subject: the data subject submits the information when submitting the request for contact, subscribing to the newsletter and / or downloading the brochure by filling in the contact information on the form. We use the information we collect for the marketing and sales of BioGTS products and services.


Recipients or categories of recipients of the personal data

Collected personal data may be transferred to the members of the Sales and Marketing Team within the company (BioGTS) and, as the case may be, to BioGTS’s Independent Sales Representatives (jointly referred to as Sales and Marketing Representatives). However, personal data may only be disclosed to sales and marketing representatives who are in charge of the market in question and who need them in the marketing and sales of BioGTS services and products. If the data subject is anon-native/foreign, personal data may be disclosed to our sales and marketing representative, who, depending on the market that the data subject represents, may also be located outside the EU. The level of data protection provided by non-EU countries does not necessarily meet the requirements of the Data Protection Regulation. However, we have taken the appropriate safeguards for such data transfer by concluding with our sales and marketing representatives located outside of EU an agreement on the processing of data, in which we have agreed on the principles of data processing. If a data subject wants to see a copy of the agreement, he or she can contact the above BioGTS email address.


Our site administrator also may have access to the collected information in connection with maintenance tasks.


Personal Data Protection and data storage time

BioGTS staff computers are protected by user IDs, all computers have virus protection, firewall, cloud computing. Access to information is limited to those individuals who need information for the purpose of marketing and sales of BioGTS services and products. BioGTS requires confidentiality from all third party sales and marketing representatives, as well as appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of safety that meets the risk. Personal data will be deleted when it is no longer needed for the marketing and sales of BioGTS services and products.


Right of access and rectification and other rights of the data subject

The individual data subject in the aforementioned registers may at any time request to see the information stored on them. The data subject also has the right to request corrections and / or erasure of data, restriction of processing, or object to processing as well as the right to transfer data from one controller to another. The data subject may also withdraw his or her consent to the processing of personal data. In such a case, you can contact BioGTS using the above mentioned contact information.

The data subject is also entitled to lodge a complaint with the appropriate supervisory authority.

 In addition, we use Leadfeeder and Google Analytics to collect data, none of which identifies the user.

Amendments to the Data Protection Policy

The content of this Data Protection Policy may change, as we continuously develop our business as well as the technology we use. We also try to improve the clarity and informative value of this Data Protection Policy.