BioGTS is pleased to announce some new appointments. This is an evidence of our continued commitment to excellence and growth.

Mrs. Suvi Bayr (Dr.Sc.) has been appointed as Biogas Processes Expert since April 20th, 2015. She is a specialist in biogas process optimization and has over 6 years of R&D experience in biogas technology.

Mrs. Piia Mertajoki has been appointed as Management Assistant since April 1st, 2015. Piia has over 20 years of work experience in customer service. As a Management Assistant, she is responsible for the financial support tasks, sales support, as well as managing Spanish customer service.

Mr. Jari Toiminen (BBA) has been appointed as Marketing Manager since May 23th, 2015. Jari has diverse working experience in marketing communications, journalism, public relations and business development.