We are proud to announce that the biogas, biodiesel and biorefinery plants manufactured by BioGTS have been awarded with the Key Flag Symbol on February 3, 2015.

The Association for Finnish Work grants the Key Flag Symbol to a product that has been manufactured in Finland and has a domestic origin (i.e. the percentage of Finnish expenses in the total cost price) over 50 per cent. On average, however, the degree of domestic origin of products using the Key Flag Symbol is over 80 per cent. In our biogas, biodiesel and biorefinery plants, the degree of domestic origin is over 90 per cent.

BioGTS has developed a unique proprietary technology, which allows building the biogas and biodiesel plants indoors in a factory as standardized modules. The ready-made plants are transported to the destination either as whole or in parts, which ensures the high quality and allows for quick plug-in installation on-site. Most of our main subcontractors are from Finland.

The mission of the Association for Finnish Work is to promote the appreciation of Finnish work. The association governs the symbols and online services that act to promote Finnish work and advocates innovation and entrepreneurship. The symbol is very well known: over 90 per cent of consumers recognize the Key Flag. http://www.avainlippu.fi/en