BioGTS is building a commercial scale BioGTS® Biorefinery plant in Leppävesi, Finland. The new biorefinery plant will process oily and greasy biowaste from food industry and restaurants into biodiesel and glycerol. The produced biodiesel will be sold for heating purposes as well as renewable vehicle fuel for large consumers. The biorefinery plant will also include a biogas and a bioethanol production unit. The produced biogas will be used for heat and electricity production to cover the internal energy demand of the biorefinery plant itself, as well as vehicle fuel for the company’s own fleet. Produced bioethanol will be used internally as catalyst in biodiesel production. Both the biodiesel and biogas processes are based on new technology developed by BioGTS Ltd.

The operator of the new biorefinery plant is BioMpower Ltd.,

The Laukaa biorefinery plant is scheduled to start commercial operation during 2016.

BioGTS Laukaa BiorefineryBioGTS Laukaa Biorefinery 2