BioGTS is building a biorefinery plant in Laukaa, Central Finland. The main product of the new biorefinery plant will be biodiesel. The plant will process about 1,000 tons of greasy/oily organic waste from industry and restaurants into about 850,000 litres of biodiesel per year. The produced biodiesel will be sold as vehicle fuel and biobased heating oil. The biorefinery plant will also include a biogas and a bioethanol plant. The produced biogas will be used mainly for heat and electricity production to cover the internal energy demand of the biorefinery plant itself, and the bioethanol will be used as catalyst in biodiesel production. Both the biodiesel and biogas processes will be based on new technology developed by BioGTS Ltd. The plant is expected to be operational in spring 2014.

Please chekc the following news and articles about the Laukaa biorefinery project (in Finnish):

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