BioGTS has been selected to deliver a biogas plant to the Sotkamo research station of the MTT Agrifood Research Finland. The Sotkamo research station is an experimental farm focused on crop production. The BioGTS biogas plant will be utilizing grass silage, agricultural residues and side streams as feedstock. The produced biogas will in the first stage be used to heating the facilities of the research station. In the future, the produced biogas will be upgraded and used as vehicle fuel in vehicles and farming machinery.

The BioGTS biogas plant is based on a dry anaerobic digestion process, which allows for much higher energy output per reactor volume than the traditional biogas processes based on slurry systems. The BioGTS biogas plant design is based on modular reactor structures, which enable for the cost-efficient and compact reactor structures, easy scalability and quick “plug-in” installation on site. Construction works of the biogas plant will start in February 2014, and the plant is expected to be commissioned in September 2014.

MTT Agrifood Research Finland is the leading research institute in Finland working with the topics related to agricultural research and developing the sustainability and competitiveness of the food system. MTT operates under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland, and employs around 750 people at 15 locations across Finland.