We are proud to announce that our concept called “BIOBOKSI™ –  T-Ford of biogas plants” has won the Gasum “Hyvän ilman lintu” innovation competition. The audience has also voted BIOBOKSI for the competition’s favourite innovation. BioGTS team awarded first prize worth 75 000 €.

In January the competition received 130 proposals, out of which BioGTS’s biogas plant concept, biomethane cost-effectively for transportation use, made it to the semi-finals and eventually won the whole competition. The biogas plant concept is based on a factory-made, standardized biogas plant and new biogas processing technology.

The competition focused on discovering new solutions for increasing the use of biogas in transportation. According to the judges, the BIOBOKSI concept combines seamlessly bioeconomy with reduction of road transport emissions.

“The idea has also export potential, and the solution supports the expansion of Gasum’s transport services throughout the country. In addition, the people behind the idea are capable and have ample know-how to turn the idea into business practice”, says the chairman of the innovation competition jury, Chairman of Gasum’s Supervisory Board, Juha Rantanen.


BioGTS's awarded BIOBOKSI team.
BioGTS’s awarded BIOBOKSI team.

BIOBOKSI innovation is based on a business model in which the production and distribution of biomethane is brought directly to the highways. According to BioGTS’s CEO, Mika Rautiainen, BIOBOKSI will revolutionize the concept of local fuel.

The true local biofuel is produced at the same place where it is sold to the consumers. The intention is to procure the raw-material from nearby area, in which case biodegradable waste from municipalities, industries and agricultural biomasses can be utilized locally. Our vision is to have a chain of 100 BIOBOKSI plants in Finland by 2020 and that the concept is replicated internationally.

BIOBOKSI is about the technology for production and upgrading biogas, and together they enable cost-efficient production of biogas. The plant and the gas pump don’t need to be located next to the natural gas pipeline network, but it can be build, for example along a busy highway, which is more convenient for the drivers as well. The size of the plant is easy to scale, at its lowest the plant can produce annual fuels for about 100 passenger cars. The innovation technology allows for upgrading biogas also from the landfill gas.

The investment costs of conventional biogas plants are comparatively high as each plant needs to be tailored to a particular location. In addition, cost-efficient biogas upgrading technologies for small scale has not been available. Prefabricated BIOBOKSI, its mass production and compact size reduces the investment costs, which makes the production of biogas for transportation use even more viable. BioGTS Ltd. has negotiated with several Finnish financing institutions a unique funding solution based on leasing financing, which works as a flexible financial instrument for customers in procurement of biogas and biodiesel plants.

According to BioGTS’s Director for Business Development, Annimari Lehtomäki, along with winning the competition we are launching to the market BioGTS’s developed new biogas upgrading technology, which is suitable also for small-scale biogas plants. The technique can be applied for processing of landfill gas for transport purposes.

BIOBOKSI is BioGTS’s registered trademark and the biogas technology used in the plants is patented by the company. BioGTS biogas plants have been awarded with the Finnish Key Flag Symbol.