BioGTS Ltd. has concluded an agreement to deliver a biogas plant to China. The annual processing capacity of the plant to be built is c. 31,000 tonnes of agricultural biomass, including corn and straw. The produced biogas will later be utilized as a substitute for natural gas in traffic use and it will also be fed into the natural gas grid. The process residue generated in the plant will be utilized as fertilizer that is suitable for organic food production requirements.

BioGTS Ltd.’s delivery includes the biogas plant’s key components: the biogas reactors, feeding equipment, gas boiler, plant automation and instrumentation. The construction of the biogas plant’s components has already started at the premises of BioGTS Ltd’s subcontractors. More than 90% of the plant’s component is manufactured by Finnish engineering workshops.

The components will be delivered to China during the autumn and the beginning of next year. The on-site installation begins during the first part of 2018. The biogas plant starts to operate in April-May 2018.

The biogas plant is situated in central China, in a predominantly agricultural region. The biogas plant is based on the modern dry anaerobic digestion process, which is the most cost-effective method for processing agricultural fractions and to reduce emissions from waste management. At the moment, harvesting waste is for the most part, burned in the fields, which causes a significant amount of local smoke gas emissions that have a negative effect on air quality. Processing inside a biogas plant reduces the smoke gas emissions from burning harvesting waste more than 90%.


Laitostoimitussopimuksen allekirjoitustilaisuudessa oli mukana Suupohjan ammati-instituutin ja BioGTS Oy:n edustajia.

BioGTS Ltd. delivers a modern biogas plant to China. The annual processing capacity is c. 31,000 t of agricultural biomass.

Mika Rautiainen, the CEO of BioGTS, sees the project as an important first step for similar export projects in the future.

“This is our company’s first biogas plant delivery to China and we are currently negotiating for several similar projects. The fact that we have not had a local reference has been one of the most important obstacles for trade in China. Along with this project, we will have a reference in China that we can show to our customers there without having to go abroad”, says Mr. Rautiainen.

Furthermore, BioGTS’s Project Manager Aarre Kovero thinks that this is an important breakthrough.

“I have lived in China for 16 years, and I can say that there is a really big need and demand in China for this type of green technology. History has shown us that the first local reference can really open doors to the Chinese market and also to elsewhere in South-East Asia”, Mr. Kovero states.


  • BioGTS Ltd. is a Finnish manufacturer of patented and factory-built biogas and biodiesel plants, set up in 2011.
  • The biogas plant technology based on a new technique, developed and patented by BioGTS Ltd., is based on the so-called dry process and is directly suitable for the processing of dry biomass fractions, without the need for added liquid.
  • Plant feedstock: agricultural biomasses and biodegradable waste from the food industry.
  • End products of the plant: upgraded biomethane, which is utilized mainly as a transport fuel and injected to natural gas grid, as well as organic fertilizers.
  • Construction is under way and the plant is intended to start operation in the summer of 2018.