6th-9th April, BioGTS participated the delegation led by the Mayor of Jyväskylä to China. During the trip, we have visited Shanghai and Kunming. We were very honoured to have Mr. Mayor of Jyväskylä, Timo Koivisto, participate in meetings with our customers and involved in our negotiations. China has formally committed to halting the rise in its greenhouse gas emissions within the next 15 years and government struggles to find ways of treating the enormous amounts of waste the world’s most populous country generates. Bioenergy plant which convert organic waste into energy is one important solution for sustainable development. China has already started to invest in bioenergy plants.

“Waste is not waste, but important source of energy,” our hosts in both Shanghai and Kunming said. “If you can recover your energy, if you can recover resources from waste, then you are doing something to close the ecological loop of the industry.”

Ms. Huihan Yang from BioGTS with Mayor of Jyväskylä in Kunming