BioGTS continues its growth and this year it holds number one position on the list of top growth companies in Central and Eastern Finland, published by Kauppalehti. BioGTS has been at the forefront of Finland’s top growth companies for three consecutive years. BioGTS Ltd’s turnover in 2017 was 16.8 million euros and annualized growth was 172.5 percent. In 2016, BioGTS’s turnover was around 11 million euros, which is about twice as much compared to the previous year.


“The fast growth of revenue has been possible thanks to courageous and unprejudiced customers and the top-notch professional team, who gets things done; we can be very proud of them all,” says BioGTS’s CEO Mika Rautiainen.

Kauppalehti’s list is based on the financial statements and editorial inquiries. Among the list’s entry criteria were the fact that a company has operated at least four years, the latest fiscal year has ended in June 2017 or later, last fiscal year’s turnover exceeds 1.7 million euros and has grown from the previous year, and the fact that last fiscal year’s turnover has increased at least twice compared to the financial statements three years ago. The annualized growth of companies included on the list was calculated based on their growth during three years’ time.