BioGTS will build a biogas plant for Haminan Energia, an energy company located in Southern Finland. The biogas plant will process ca. 12 000 t/a of biodegradable waste from municipalities and agriculture, and the produced biogas will be upgraded to natural gas quality and injected to the natural gas grid. The organic residues formed in the production of biogas will be utilized as fertilizers. The biogas plant will be located in Virolahti, Southern Finland.

Building of the biogas plant will begin in 2014 and the deployment of the plant will take place by the end of 2015.

The BioGTS® Biogas plant is based on so called dry anaerobic digestion process, which allows for much higher energy output per reactor volume than traditional biogas processes based on slurry systems. The BioGTS® Biogas plant plant design is based on very cost-efficient modular reactor structures, which enable easy scalability and quick “plug-in” installation on site. The plants are built indoors in a factory as standardized modules. This allows for high efficiency, high quality and yet lower costs due to the standardized production. Ready-made plants are transported to the destination either as whole or in parts, which can be quickly installed, plugged in and started up on site. All the main contractors used in the biogas plant project are from Finland.

Please find more information in the press release and in BioGTS’s news report.

The news has also been published in Kymen Sanomat and Reimari. Please read the Finnish articles “Haminan Energialle biokaasulaitos Virolahdelle” (19.11.2014) and “Biokaasun tuotantoa Virolahdelle” (20.11.2014) by Kymen Sanomat, and “Biokaasulaitos Virolahden Vahterikonkankaalle” by Reimari (20.11.2014).

Haminan Energia biogas plant 3D