BioGTS Ltd., which operates in Jyväskylä and Laukaa, has signed a contract to supply a second biogas plant to China. The annual treatment capacity of the future plant will be about 31,000 t of agricultural biomasses, such as maize and straw. The biogas produced will be utilized as a substitute for fossil natural gas in transportation use as well as supplied to the gas grid. The digestate generated at the plant will be utilized as an organic-grade fertilizer.

The second delivery of biogas plant has treatment capacity up to 31,000 tons per year of agricultural biomasses


The delivery is a continuation of the biogas plant supply contract signed in August 2017 with the same client. The installation work of the first plant is currently underway on site in China.

The biogas plant is located in Central China in a strongly agricultural area. A modern biogas plant based on dry digestion technology is the most cost-effective way to treat agricultural residues and reduce the emissions from waste treatment. At present, harvest waste is primarily disposed of by burning on the field, causing combustion gas emissions that significantly impair local air quality. Treatment at a biogas plant reduces the combustion gas emissions from burning harvest waste by more than 90%.

The award-winning method developed by the plant supplier BioGTSis based on new, patented biogas and biodiesel technologies that guarantee a more energy-efficient overall process.

Annimari Lehtomäki, Director of Business Development at BioGTS, considers the project to be launched now an important continuation of the company’s first biogas plant project in China, which was signed last autumn.

“Lacking a local reference has been one the most significant barriers to trade for us in Asia. With this project, we will have already our second reference site in China that we can present to local clients on their home soil. This is especially important because the client must clearly be satisfied with the service they have received since they have wanted to order a second plant from us. There are several similar projects at the negotiation stage”, Lehtomäki says.