Gasum Ltd., the leading Finnish natural gas and biogas company, launched an innovation competition in October 2014. The participants were to submit ideas to increase the use of gaseous vehicle fuels (natural gas and biomethane) in transportation. BioGTS’s innovation called “BIOBOX: Biomethane cost-effectively for transportation use” was selected to the semi-finals out of 130 proposals in January 2015. In the beginning of March, we received the good news that “BIOBOX” was selected to the finals out of 10 semi-finalists.

On April 15th, “BIOBOX: Biomethane cost-effectively for transportation use” was presented to the panelists by Mr. Mika Rautiainen, BioGTS’s CEO, and Annimari Lehtomäki, Director for Business Development. The focus of the competition is on projects that can be rapidly initiated and on the establishment of new start-ups. The competition focuses on the solutions for biogas for transportation use. The winners of the innovation competition will be announced in June, 2015. The winner will receive up to EUR 100 000, and the prize can be divided between 1-3 teams. The first prize will be at least EUR 50 000.

More information can be found here (in Finnish).