BioGTS’s way of building ready-made biogas plants, indoors in a factory as standardized modules, was featured in Tekniikka & Talous (meaning Technology and Economy in English), the Finnish language news magazine focusing on technological innovations.

Annimari Lehtomäki, Director for Business Development, explains in the article that the plant design is based on very cost-efficient modular reactor structures, which enable easy scalability and quick “plug-in” installation on site. The biogas plant is based on a dry anaerobic digestion process, and it utilizes biodegradable waste from municipalities, industries and agriculture as feedstock. The biodiesel plant processes oily and greasy biowaste, e.g. used cooking oil from food industry and restaurants. In the process high quality biodiesel fuel is produced e.g. for vehicle fuel.

All the parts are installed indoors in the factory, and the ready-made plants are transported to the destination either as a whole or in parts. This is a completely new way of building biogas and biodiesel plants. It has been said that BioGTS’s biogas and biodiesel plants assimilate to prefabricated house packages.

Please read the article here (in Finnish).


BioGTS - building ready-made biogas plants. Plant delivery to Sotkamo, Finland.
BioGTS’s biogas plant delivered to Sotkamo in 2014. BioGTS is the first manufacturer in Finland manufacturing completely factory-made biogas plants.