The biogas plant is located in Central China in a region where agriculture is an essential industry, and its capacity is a significant 31,000 metric tons per year. This is BioGTS Ltd.’s largest international project yet, and the plant’s components are clearly larger than those previously supplied by the company.

“Among others, the deliveries from Finland included the largest bioreactors, plant modules and agricultural waste feeding equipment ever built by BioGTS Ltd.,” explains BioGTS Ltd.’s Project Manager Marko Kauppinen, who heads the project.

The preassembly of the plant started this March, and the steel structures were installed very quickly. Electrical installations began this May, and they will be completed by the end of June.

“The commissioning stage will begin in July. Initially, this means the implementation of electric automation, after which we will transition to commissioning with digestate,” Kauppinen says.


The project has been led by Finnish experts supported by local Chinese engineering personnel. Alongside the massive components delivered from Finland, the facility utilizes local engineering companies efficiently.

The collaboration has clearly convinced the customer as, over the course of the project, the same customer has ordered another biogas plant, which will be built about 50 km away from the plant currently under construction. The construction of the next biogas plant is scheduled to start in 2018.



The surroundings of the biogas plants are an important region in terms of agriculture in Central China, and lots of harvesting waste is generated as a byproduct of farming. Previously, this waste has been combusted, which significantly degrades the quality of air in the region.

“For example, when straw is burned in the dry late-summer air, this may have a drastic impact on air quality,” Kauppinen explains.

There is a clear need for new waste treatment processes in Central China, and BioGTS Ltd.’s advanced technology is a great way to meet that need. As the dry digestion process is very well suited for green waste, biogas plants are an effective and natural solution for the processing of large volumes of green waste in the region. The dry digestion process reduces flue-gas emissions by more than 90%.

“In the future, rather than burning straw and corn waste, it can be used in the production of biogas for various applications. Biogas can be upgraded to vehicle fuel or be purified and injected directly into the gas network. Then, the digestate can be utilized as an organic fertilizer,” Kauppinen adds.

The construction work for the upcoming biogas plant in China is progressing well. The commissioning stage is scheduled for this July. This is BioGTS Ltd.’s first East Asian project and also a demonstration facility in the new market.


  • Established in 2011, BioGTS Ltd. is a Finnish manufacturer of patented, factory-made biogas and biodiesel plants.
  • The biogas plant technology developed and patented by BioGTS Ltd. features new technology. It is based on the so-called dry process and it can be used directly in the processing of dry biomass fractions without the need to add any liquid in the process.
  • Plant feedstock: agricultural biomass.
  • Plant end products: upgraded biomethane, which can replace fossil natural gas as a vehicle fuel or be injected into the natural gas network. The digestate can be utilized as an organic fertilizer in agriculture.
  • BioGTS Ltd. directly employs about 50 experts in Jyväskylä, Finland. Furthermore, the company employs more than 100 full-time employees through subcontracting. In 2016, BioGTS Ltd. was named the fastest-growing company in Central Finland as well as nationally (Kauppalehti) and, in 2015, it won the Biotalous KasvuOpen competition for growth companies.