There is hustle and bustle at the Haminan Energia biogas plant in Virolahti, Finland, as additional reactors’ installation work is currently under way. In autumn 2016, Haminan Energia’s Board of Directors decided to increase the processing capacity of the biogas plant with two reactors in addition to the three reactors that are currently operating. The plant expansion is provided by BioGTS Ltd.

In addition, Hamina Energia Ltd increases the obtainment of biowaste in order to meet the future biogas needs and eliminate logistics bottlenecks from the production.

The biogas plant’s extension is done in several stages during March – September. Installation work of the first additional reactor is currently underway at the site and the second additional reactor will be delivered to Virolahti during the summer.

Ever since its operational start from the end of 2015, the plant has produced biogas from by-products of food industry, grass silage and municipal waste. At first phase, the processing capacity is 19,500 tons annually, and after the expansion the capacity will increase to 32,500 tons per year. Produced biogas is upgraded to biomethane, while digestate is upgraded to organic fertilizer products. Biogas has been injected to natural gas grid since last year’s February; in addition to that it is used as transportation fuel.

Additional biogas reactor for Haminan Energia Oy in Virolahti has been installed.
Haminan Energia Ltd.’s fourth biogas reactor installed.