The first reactor of Haminan Energia biogas plant arrived in the construction site in Virolahti last Friday straight from the BioGTS’s factory. The reactor was transported to Hamina in two parts and lifted by crane into place. The installation works has been started on-site and the project is moving forward smoothly.

The biogas plant for Haminan Energia, an energy company located in Southern Finland, is based on a new technology developed by BioGTS Ltd., which enables the building of the entire biogas plant indoors in a factory. All the parts are installed indoors in the factory, and the ready-made plants are transported to the destination either as a whole or in parts, which allows for quick plug-in installation on-site. This can help to minimize expensive construction time on-site, as well as to achieve a higher quality of work in addition to lower costs.

Haminan Energia Ltd.’s biogas plant will process biodegradable waste from municipalities and agriculture. The biogas plant is based on a dry anaerobic digestion process, which takes place in horizontal, container-shaped bioreactors. The produced biogas will be upgraded to natural gas quality, injected to the natural gas grid, and utilized as renewable vehicle fuel as well as for heating purposes. The biogas plant will be located in Virolahti, Southern Finland, and the deployment of the plant will take place by the end of 2015.




The factory-made reactor is lifted by crane into place.
The first reactor of Haminan Energia biogas plant is lifted by crane into place.