BioGTS aims for strong growth and to be Finland’s leading provider of biogas technology solutions. Among the strongest Finnish growing companies, we are pleased to announce some new appointments.

Mr. Pekka Hirvinen has been appointed as Project Engineer from December 6th 2017. Mr. Hirvinen has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, specialization in Energy and Environment Technology.

Mr. Pasi Maukonen has been appointed as Project Engineer from December 11th 2017. Mr. Maukonen has a degree in Mechanical and Energy Technology Engineering.

Ms. Ángela Eslava has been appointed as a project worker from December 28th 2017, and she will be working on BioGTS newest research and development project. Ms. Eslava has a degree in M.Sc. Chemical Engineer from the National University of Colombia. She has been a specialist in projects related to drinking and wastewater and a waste re-use in Colombia.

Mr. Jyri Sormunen, B.Eng., Energy Technology, has been appointed as Head Designer from January 3rd 2018.

Mr. Tuomo Kolu has been appointed as project worker from January 9th 2018. Mr. Kolu has a vocational upper secondary qualification in Metalwork.

Mr. Kuisma Savonen (M.Sc. Economics) has been appointed as Supply Chain Manager from November 1st 2017.

Mr. Jukka Aumanen (PhD), has been appointed as an Expert, sales quotations, from December 2nd 2017.