Waste has an address – Mustankorkea.

Now you have a great opportunity to see what biogas plant in Mustankorkea looks like on BioGTS YouTube channel.

The new Mustankorkea biogas plant produces environmentally friendly biofuel from Central Finland’s organic waste and sludge from wastewater processing plants. BioGTS is responsible for designing and implementation of the Mustankorkea biogas plant.

Mustankorkea plant’s biogas is clean and local, so fuel can be obtained directly from the neighborhood. The new waste management unit has a positive impact on the lives of people in the area, and it is an important part of Central Finland’s common goals to promote the region as a pioneer in domestic biofuels.

The plant produces about 15,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of biogas per year, which is enough to refuel about 1,500 passenger cars. With biofuel produced in Mustankorkea, passenger cars in Central Finland can drive up to 30,000,000 kilometers per year. Importantly, this way the use of renewable energy and environmentally friendly biogas is promoted.

Outside view of Mustankorkea Oy.