Known from the TV, the car enthusiasts of Latela-garage sent their hearty congratulations to the winners of Hyvän ilman lintu innovation competition, to the BioGTS’s BIOBOKSI team. BioGTS’s Annimari and Mika happened to be on a business trip in China when they received the surprising congratulatory phone call.

Latela is a Finnish reality show airing on a Finnish TV channel, TV 2. The show is focusing on two groups of car enthusiasts from Pirkanmaa Region. Finland’s well-known car tuners, the Latelas from Tampere, got the gasoline-thirsty 1975 Pontiac Firebird into their garage, which they were to convert into a bird that fires with clean natural gas. Gasum has collected a series of videos out of the project where the guys are tuning the stylish natural gas vehicle in a relaxed fashion. The natural gas vehicle project was made in collaboration with Gasum’s Hyvän ilman lintu innovation competition.

On June 9, BioGTS’s BIOBOKSI team won the grand price of 75 000 euros from the Hyvän ilman lintu innovation competition. BIOBOKSI also received the majority of public votes.

Please take a look at the BIOBOKSI team congratulatory episode here (YouTube).

All the Latela’s Hyvän ilman lintu episodes can be found here. Watch how the project moved forward.


Latela guys congratulate the BIOBOKSI team.
Latela guys congratulate the BIOBOKSI team.