The commissioning process of BioGTS’s first biogas plant in China was initiated in the end of July, as the plant has been ready to enter a period of test-run and technical fine-tuning. During the commissioning process, the feeding or the reactors was initiated last week; and biogas is already being generated within a few days.

According to the Project Manager Marko Kauppinen, the start-up process at our first biogas project in China has proceeded according to plans. Currently, we are in the process of setting up and finetuning the automation system, and other technical control functions while monitoring the real data coming from the biogas plant during the test-run period.

The produced biogas will be utilized as vehicle fuels as well as self-heating for the biogas plant when the biogas plant starts to operate at its full capacity within the next few months.

At full capacity, the plant will produce an amount of biogas that corresponds, when refined for transport use, to the annual fuel requirement of approximately 5,500 cars. In addition, BioGTS’s dewatering unit, as part of our scope of provision for this project, separates solid and liquid digestate at the end of the biogas process. The solid digestate after the biogas process will be used as soil nutritions for the local crops. This waste-to-energy project is expected to create a positive and direct impact on the improvement of air quality since agricultural residue was traditionally burnt to its disposal before BioGTS’s biogas technology is utilized.


  • Established in 2011, BioGTS Ltd. is a Finnish manufacturer of patented, factory-made biogas and biodiesel plants.
  • The biogas plant technology developed and patented by BioGTS Ltd. features new technology. It is based on the so-called dry process and it can be used directly in the processing of dry biomass fractions without the need to add any liquid in the process.
  • Plant feedstock: agricultural biomass.
  • Plant end products: upgraded biomethane, which can replace fossil natural gas as a vehicle fuel or be injected into the natural gas network. The digestate can be utilized as an organic fertilizer in agriculture.
  • BioGTS Ltd. directly employs about 50 experts in Jyväskylä, Finland. Furthermore, the company employs more than 100 full-time employees through subcontracting. In 2016, BioGTS Ltd. was named the fastest-growing company in Central Finland as well as nationally (Kauppalehti) and, in 2015, it won the Biotalous KasvuOpen competition for growth companies.