The world’s first Bioboksi biogas plant is being to Qvidja Kraft Ab, Parainen, owned by the founder of the Baltic Sea Action Group and the Chair of the Board of Cargotec Ltd. Mr. Ilkka Herlin and Ms. Saara Kankaanrinta. The Bioboksi delivered to Herlin is the first biogas plant in its class following the new concept. The Bioboksi concept of BioGTS Ltd. is based on the idea of local fuel where transport fuel is produced at the same place where the refueling of the gas-powered cars take place or where it is injected to the natural gas grid.

Bioboksi, manufactured in Jyväskylä in the factory of BioGTS, is the first biogas plant which will be delivered as a turn-key solution to the site and activated on a plug and play principle. Bioboksi produces gas and a level has been reached in the operation of the gas upgrading unit in the trial run stage that is in accordance with the targets, even before the transferal to the site. According to the Project Manager Ms. Anna Sydänmaa, the tests have gone forward well with regard to Bioboksi.

“The operation of the plant has been optimized and it has been possible to do fine-tuning with regard to the feeding system, automatic feeders and different kinds of feeds. Ramping up the plant to its full capacity will be done under the terms of the biological process. After the installation over a period of about half a year at the Qvidja manor.”

The Bioboksi caravan

The ready to use units are leaving Jyväskylä, Central Finland, with the Bioboksi caravan heading towards Qvidja, Southwest Finland. The reactor, the boiler, the biogas upgrading unit, the monitoring center and the feeder container will be transported as a whole by road freight to their final destination. The mass pumped from inside the reactor, i.e. the so-called inoculum, is transported on interchangeable containers in the same chain from the factory to the Qvidja manor.

When Bioboksi arrives at the site, installation will begin and the inoculum will be pumped back into the reactor. After this, the ramping up of the biological process can be started.

Later in the spring, after gas production has begun, a biogas filling station will also be delivered to the Qvidja manor, which will also be manufactured and tested in Jyväskylä.

Advancing the circular economy

Mr. Ilkka Herlin’s objective is to conduct ground-breaking research to advance the circular economy and to develop emission-free and self-sufficient energy production and nutrient recirculation at Qvidja Kraft Ab. In the Bioboksi project, high-quality nutrient products are developed from the processing residue of the biogas plant, the optimized composition of which helps to improve the condition of the soil and gets the microbes of the soil to make more efficient use of the nutrients.


The ready to use units are leaving Seppälänkangas, Jyväskylä, with the Bioboksi caravan heading towards Qvidja.
The factory-made, ready to use, units are leaving Jyväskylä, Central Finland, with the Bioboksi caravan heading towards Qvidja, Southwest Finland.


Note. factual error corrected 13. April 2017