The CEO Esko Martikainen is a satisfied biogas-operated car owner (picture: Piia Aho / Mustankorkea)

Esko Martikainen, CEO of the waste management company Mustankorkea, has been driving around on a biogas-operated car for already half a year. Until 1-2 new public biogas refueling stations will be open in Mustankorkea and city of Jyväskylä, one has to go to Leppävesi Kalmari place in order to tank the car. The satisfied biogas car owner firmly believes in the widespread use of emission-free and clean biogas. By biogas-operated car you can drive around in the same way as by normal car, and refueling is not different from that of petrol-run car.

Refueling pistol snaps tightly into the car’s filling valve, and tanking process takes as much time as petrol-tank refueling. The refueling time can be used for taking a walk or otherwise for your own pleasure, because everything happens automatically, says Martikainen.

The CEO predicts that biogas-operated car-base in the subregion will increase by around 50-100 passenger cars a year. The growth will also include professional vans and lorries. There is certainly use for exhaustless, odorless and safe energy, confirms Martikainen.

Professional transport becomes biogas carrier

Three garbage trucks of Sihvari, the waste management company operating in Jyväskylä area, have been managing their important tasks while running on biogas. At the moment, the refueling station next to Mustankorkea biogas plant is still operated by biogas supplied by Gasum for garbage trucks to use. However, from the next autumn onwards biogas fuel will be generated from biowaste that is produced by households in the Jyväskylä region. According to Martikainen, two months of experience concerning biogas-run garbage trucks have been quite encouraging, hence, they would be required also in the future for new territories’ contract tendering. The transfer of professional transport to biogas fuel also encourages private car owners to switch to biogas.

Plan of biogas refueling station (Picture: Mustankorkea)

In summer 2017, Gasum opens a compressed bio- and natural gas (CNG) refueling station to Vaajakoski Kanavuori. The CEO Esko Martikainen welcomes the rise of competition and increase in the amount of refueling stations, and he envisions positive opportunities in this.

The denser and more accessible distribution network we can build, the more courageously people will dare to become biogas car users. At full power, Mustankorkea will produce biogas for approximately 1,000-1,500 drivers. Since in the city there are around 65,000 registered private cars, the number of customers is surely sufficient for everyone in the future, assures Martikainen.

Biogas excitement predicts success

The CEO of Mustankorkea tells about the real enthusiasm towards biogas in the subregion. Inquiries concerning biogas availability are presented to him almost daily. The city of Jyväskylä, the biggest owner of the waste company, has expressed the intent to promote the growth of biogas vehicles. In the future, the vehicles purchased for the city of Jyväskylä will be primarily biogas-operated.

The coverage of the biogas distribution network plays the key role in the creation of biogas ecosystem. BioGTS’s product portfolio includes a biogas upgrading unit which, if desired by customer, can be integrated with a biogas refueling station.

Biogas can now also be obtained at the refueling station of Viitaniemi Transport Park