The waste management company Mustankorkea Ltd., which is owned by the municipalities of Jyväskylä, Laukaa and Muurame, has received a significant recognition as the Jyväskylä City Group has awarded Mustankorkea Ltd. with Environmental Achievement 2016 award for the construction of the biogas plant and the promotion of biogas transportation awareness and related positive knowledge. It is a remarkable achievement primarily for Mustankorkea Ltd., but also a pride for BioGTS Ltd., who provided the biogas plant.

According to Pirkko Melville, the chairman and the research and development manager of the resource team of the City of Jyväskylä, persistent work of Mustankorkea regarding the biogas plant creation and the promotion of biogas transportation awareness has not been left unnoticed. Esko Martikainen, the CEO of Mustankorkea, is also pleased with the recognition and biogas related interest. The CEO is glad how the future production of biogas and the distribution of transportation fuel has already been enthusiastically met, and he believes that biogas transportation will increase dramatically along with the refueling stations in Central Finland.

Biogas into cars in August

The construction work of Mustankorkea Ltd.’s biogas plant was started at the Mustankorkea waste management center in the spring of 2016. Now the biogas process is in the start-up phase.  Once the start-up phase of the biogas plant is completed, it will generate non-pollutant domestic transportation fuel, biomethane, that is produced from Central Finland’s food residues and sewage sludge. The remaining digestate and nutrients from biogas process are further processed into fertilizers and soil-improvement medium.

– This is a new and remarkable project for Mustankorkea and the whole Central Finland, and everything is done with the kind of mentality that the end result is of a high quality, says BioGTS project manager Arvo Viertola.

For BioGTS Ltd. the biogas plant delivery to Mustankorkea is an important reference.

Mustankorkea Ltd. biogas plant provided by BioGTS Ltd.