Our products will provide you with solutions for efficient biogas and biodiesel production

Our products will provide you with solutions for biogas and biodiesel production

BioGTS manufactures biogas and biodiesel plants that are based on the latest innovations and enable more profitable generation of bioenergy and biofuels.

With the help of BioGTS biogas plants, biodegradable waste can be turned into renewable energy, vehicle fuel gas and fertilizer. The biodiesel plants can turn organic waste fats into vehicle fuels, heating oil and glycerol.

With the help of our products, we are building cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

We help our clients take a technological leap

The innovative technology we have developed utilizes the so-called dry process in the production of both biogas and biodiesel. The biogas plant concept developed by BioGTS, which is based on a dry anaerobic digestion process and modular structure, offers a significant technological leap in biogas plant design and biogas production.

In biodiesel production, we utilize a supercritical esterification process, which ensures the high quality of the end products and the high energy efficiency of the process.

The benefits of BioGTS products:

The technology, which is based on a dry process, allows for

  • high capacity
  • high energy yield per reactor volume
  • low operating costs
  • suitable for treatment of complex solid waste feedstocks.

The completely prefabricated modular reactor structure ensures

  • easy scalability of the plants
  • quick installation at the site
  • high cost-effectiveness.