– The T-Ford of biogas plants

Value from waste – ecologically

The Bioboksi combines the biogas production and upgrading technologies; together, they make cost-effective production and upgrading of biogas possible. The Bioboksi concept seamlessly combines bio-economy with the reduction of road traffic emissions.

Cost-effective biogas production

The Bioboksi, which is based on a factory-made, standardized biogas plant and new biogas upgrading technology, is the most compact of BioGTS’s biogas plant concepts.

The biogas production and upgrading technologies used in the Bioboksi enable the cost-effective production of biogas. The Bioboksi’s container-shaped structure and modern technology allow for the cost-effective and easy scalability of the plants.

The prefabrication and compact size of the Bioboksi lower the investment costs, making biogas production for transportation use more profitable.

Truly locally-sourced fuel

The Bioboksi innovation is based on a business model in which the production, upgrading and distribution of biomethane can be placed directly in connection with the transport infrastructure. In other words, a genuinely locally-sourced fuel is produced, upgraded and sold to the consumers, all from one location.

The plant complex does not need to be located within the area of the gas grid, and instead it can be built, for example, at an industrial site or next to a busy road, making the location of the refueling station advantageous for road users. In addition, the size of the plants is easy to scale: at its smallest, the plant will produce enough fuel to meet the annual needs of approximately 400 cars. The innovative technology also allows landfill gas to be upgraded to biogas for vehicles.

The aim is to acquire the raw material for the plant from nearby area, making it possible to utilize biodegradable waste, as well as agricultural and food industry biomasses, locally.

Easy implementation, automation and transferability ensure smooth operation

The Bioboksi is designed to be easy to use. It is fully automated and remotely controlled, and all its service operations can be conducted remotely. The Bioboksi’s automation ensures easy everyday maintenance.

The Bioboksi is container-shaped and prefabricated. Thanks to its modular container structure, the Bioboksi is transferable and requires no significant foundation construction work. The installation and start-up of the Bioboksi is cost-effective and quick.

This is how it is done:

The operator of a Bioboksi plant fills up the feedstock container and empties the end product container as needed. On average, this takes two hours per week – the plant’s automation takes care of the rest.

This is what BioGTS biogas technology is all about

All of our biogas plants are based on patented dry anaerobic digestion technology, which suits the individual needs of each sector and client. To put it simply, dry digestion is an anaerobic digestion process that produces biogas and organic fertilizer / soil improvement medium.

The many benefits of dry digestion

The dry digestion process offers many benefits compared to the wet digestion process. The capacity of the reactors of our biogas plants is multifold compared to reactors using the traditional wet process. This reduces both the reactor volume required and the investment and operating costs of the biogas plant. Dry waste fractions and biomasses can be used as feedstock in our plants, which makes arranging the logistics easier.

Thanks to the dry anaerobic digestion process, our plants can handle feedstock dry matter concentrations as high as 40%, which is significantly higher than traditional biogas plants are capable of. The innovative technology ensures high energy yield in relation to the compact reactor structure. The nutrients dissolved during the process make the end product an excellent fertilizer.

Feasible with smaller volumes of feedstock

The Bioboksi is financially profitable with as little as 600 metric tons of dry feedstock annually. The BioGTS biogas upgrading technology is suitable for the cost-effective production of biomethane, even at small-scale biogas plants.

The unique production method lowers the costs

The investment costs of traditional biogas plants are relatively high, in addition to which, cost-effective biogas upgrading technologies have not been available for small-scale operations until now. The Bioboksi offers a solution to this problem.

The prefabrication and compact size of the Bioboksi lower the investment costs, making biogas production for transportation use more profitable.

Acquisition is made easy with multiple financing options.

From a financing perspective, the Bioboksi has high collateral value, indicating that the technology is reliable and of high quality. The Bioboksi is a new innovation on the biogas plant market, which means you can get investment support of up to 40% of the product price.

You can get a Bioboksi through leasing or partial payment, and due to the product’s high collateral value, the deposit is only 0–30% of the plant’s purchase price.

This is how you can acquire a Bioboksi

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