BioGTS® biodiesel plant

– environmentally friendly fuel

Clean fuel from animal- and plant-based fats, oils and greases

The BioGTS biodiesel technology can produce environmentally friendly biodiesel more cost-effectively from animal- and plant-based fats, oils and greases generated in food industries, restaurants, agriculture, etc.

The biodiesel produced by our BioGTS biodiesel plants is a high-quality fuel that meets the international biodiesel standards.

For use as vehicle fuel or heating oil

Biodiesel can be used as vehicle fuel in normal diesel vehicles, or as fuel oil, for example as heating oil, in machinery or in generators, either at 100 per cent or blended with fossil fuels.

Materials such as used cooking oils; waste oils and fats from the food, animal production and fishery industries; oily fractions separated from biowaste; and waste from grease traps, can be used as raw material for the biodiesel produced at our BioGTS biogas plants.

Cost efficiency

The production costs of biodiesel produced by the BioGTS biodiesel plant are only a fraction of the price of fossil diesel or fuel oil, in addition to which, the BioGTS biodiesel plant has an attractively short investment payback period, typically 1-3 years. The BioGTS biodiesel technology does not consume any clean water, the use of chemicals is very limited and the operating costs are low.

The biodiesel technology of BioGTS is based on a cost-effective, modular reactor design that can easily be scaled to suit the client’s needs. This makes the plant quick to install and start-up.

In addition, the competitive advantages of our biodiesel technology include the possibility to use a wide range of suitable raw materials.

Cleaner than fossil diesel

Biodiesel is a clean and renewable biofuel with approximately 80% lower greenhouse gas emissions, 70% lower VOC emissions and 50% lower particle emissions than fossil diesel.

BioGTS biodiesel has an energy content and functional properties equivalent to those of fossil diesel. By adding additives, biodiesel can also be used during winter just like fossil diesel fuel.

Raw materials suitable for BioGTS® biodiesel include:

  • Bio-based waste oils and fats, from the food industry, restaurants and municipalities, for example.
  • Low-quality waste fat fractions mixed in with water that cannot be utilized by traditional biodiesel technologies.

The benefits of the BioGTS® biodiesel plant

  • Cost-effective reactor structures, low production costs
  • Short investment repayment time: typically 1–3 years
  • High capacity, easily scalable. Daily production 2,000–50,000 liters of biodiesel
  • Requires only a small land area: e.g., 10×12 m
  • Quick plug-in installation and start-up: 2–4 weeks
  • Easy-to-use, continuously operated, fully automated and remotely monitored
  • Extensive range of suitable raw materials
  • BioGTS biodiesel plants are also suitable for decentralized biodiesel production
  • Based on new biodiesel production technology, which uses only a small amount of chemicals and no water
  •   Compared with the production of biodiesel using traditional methods, which consumes 3–4 m³ of clean, potable water per cubic meter (m³) of biodiesel produced

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