BioGTS® biogas plant

– the future of biogas production

Value from waste and residues

With the BioGTS biogas plant, you can turn waste from cost into revenue and generate renewable energy and fertilizer cost-effectively. Biogas produced at the plant can be used, for example, in production of electricity and thermal energy or upgraded into vehicle fuel.

Our new generation BioGTS biogas plant is based on compact and cost-effective biogas reactors, which are entirely factory-made. The BioGTS biogas plant is continuously operated using the so-called dry anaerobic digestion process, i.e., with notably higher dry matter concentrations than the traditional biogas plant processes.

Quick turn-key installation

The reactors manufactured at the BioGTS factory are transported to the site by road, rail or sea, for example, and installed as a “plug in” installation. Due to their modular structure, the reactors’ installation time at the site is considerably shorter compared to the traditional biogas plants. The plant is delivered to the client as a turn-key installation.

Scalable according to your needs

Thanks to our prefabricated and modular production method, the BioGTS biogas plant can easily be scaled to meet the needs of different clients. The result is a continuously operating and fully automated biogas plant that has been built according to the client’s needs.

The BioGTS biogas plant is suitable for treating for example municipal solid waste, industrial biowaste, manure, agricultural biomass and sewage sludge.

Benefits from the BioGTS® biogas plant

  • Low investment and operating costs.

  • Quick turn-key installation.

  • Easy use: continuously operated, fully automated and remotely monitored.

  • High hygienic quality of the end product: the biological and anaerobic digestion process ensures a high-quality end product.

  • Cost-effective and compact reactor structures.

  • Well suited to be operated with feedstock dry matter concentrations as high as 40%.

  • Easily scalable.

  • Horizontal, container-shaped reactors.

  • Requires only a small land area.

  • All maintenance work can be carried out from outside of the reactor.

  • High energy yield in relation to the compact reactor structure.

  • Wide range of suitable raw materials. Can also handle complex feedstock materials that cause problems in traditional biogas plant processes.

  • Many financing options, including leasing.

  • Designed and manufactured in Finland

This is what BioGTS® biogas technology is all about

All of our biogas plants are based on patented dry anaerobic digestion technology, which is tailored to suit the individual needs of each sector and client. To put it simply, dry digestion is an anaerobic digestion process that produces biogas and organic fertilizer / soil improvement medium.


The many benefits of dry digestion

The dry digestion process offers many benefits compared to the wet digestion process. The capacity of the reactors of our biogas plants is multifold compared to reactors using the traditional wet process. This reduces both the reactor volume required and the investment and operating costs of the biogas plant. Dry waste and biomass fractions can be used as feedstock in our plants, which makes arranging the logistics easier.

Thanks to the dry anaerobic digestion process, our plants can handle feedstock dry matter concentrations as high as 40%, which is significantly higher than traditional biogas plants are capable of. The innovative technology ensures high energy yield in relation to the compact reactor structure. The more dry matter is available, the more biogas can be produced. The less water, the lower the costs.

The nutrients dissolved during the process make the end product an excellent fertilizer. The process temperature in the plant stops pathogenic agents effectively and kills weed seeds.

This is how a biogas plant will create profit for you

⦿  Self-sufficient energy production

⦿  Sales of end products as biomethane and renewable energy

  • for the generation of thermal energy
  • to the electricity grid
  • for transportation use
  • to the natural gas grid
  • for industrial use

⦿  Selling the digestate produced as a by-product in the process

  • Environmentally friendly, efficient, safe and odorless organic fertilizer to be used in organic production, for example

⦿  Gate fees received for waste treatment

Would the new generation BioGTS® biogas plant be a suitable
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