Biogas upgrading unit

– clean biomethane from raw biogas

Clean biomethane for transportation use and for injection to the natural gas grid

The BioGTS biogas upgrading unit refines raw biogas into clean biomethane, which can be used for transportation use or injected into the natural gas grid. The biogas upgrading unit is suitable for the upgrading of both biogas and landfill gas. Thanks to the PSA technology used in the unit, the end product has a high methane content.

A solution that suits the needs of all sizes – a scalable modular structure

Due to its scalable modular structure, the equipment retains its reliability regardless of the size of the solution. It meets the upgrading needs of large industrial facilities as well as of smaller scale biogas producers.

The BioGTS biogas upgrading unit, based on efficient and modern PSA technology, enjoys low operating and maintenance costs and provides a cost-efficient solution.

Benefits of the biogas upgrading unit

⦿  The best solution from a financial perspective

  • Low energy consumption level
  • Low operating and maintenance costs

⦿  High-quality end product

  • High methane concentration of the end product

⦿  Reliable – latest technology

  • Designed for continuous use
  • Can be turned off and back on if necessary without affecting the efficiency

⦿  Easily scalable by increasing the number of parallel units

⦿  Treatment capacity of 20–1,500 Nm³/h of raw gas

⦿  Compact plant size, modular structure

⦿  Easy to use, continuously operated, fully automated and remotely monitored

Here is what PSA technology is all about:

The machinery in the biorefinery is based on the so-called PSA technology (Pressure Swing Adsorption). This is an adsorption system, which is based on pressure variation, wherein the adsorbent material binds the carbon dioxide from raw biogas. Impurities (such as hydrogen sulphide) are removed from the raw gas (when necessary) during pre-treatment.

Select the features you need:

  • Biogas upgrading equipment
  • Landfill gas pre-treatment equipment
  • Biomethane pressurization for transportation use
  • Biomethane refueling unit

Would a biogas upgrading unit be a suitable solution for your needs?

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