The BioGTS® biorefinery

– synergy benefits from the integration of biogas and biodiesel technologies

Profit from biodegradable waste

The BioGTS biorefinery is based on an innovative combination of biogas and biodiesel technologies. It is well suited to the cost-effective treatment of biodegradable waste and its use as renewable energy, vehicle fuel, high-quality fertilizer and chemicals.

The biorefinery revolutionizes organic waste treatment

The biorefinery’s reactor technology is based on the cost-effective modular structure used in the BioGTS biogas plant, which can easily be scaled to meet the client’s needs. The technology used is suitable for decentralized energy production.

The biorefinery plant is based on a fully automated and continuously operating process that ensures easy use.

Benefits of the biorefinery

  • Low investment and operating costs
  • Compact reactor structure
  • High process efficiency
  • Wide range of suitable raw materials
  • Scalability
  • Modular structure
  • Quick plug-in installation
  • The process does not use any water
  • Easy to use, continuously operated, fully automated and remotely monitored
  • Minimizing the expensive on-site installation


The BioGTS biorefinery is based on an innovative combination of biodiesel and biogas technologies. By integrating these technologies into the same biorefinery plant, several synergies are achieved, such as:

  • high overall process efficiency and high energy efficiency
  • treatment of fats and oily waste in the biodiesel process improves the manageability of the biogas process
  • optimization of the plant income from different end products.
  • closed cycle, i.e., possibility to utilize all the residues in parallel processes

Would a biorefinery be a suitable solution for your needs?

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