BioGTS is delivering a modern biogas plant for treatment of agricultural residues. Based on continuous dry anaerobic digestion process.

BioGTS Ltd.’s delivery includes the key components of the biogas plant: the biogas reactors, feeding equipment, gas boiler, plant automation and instrumentation.

The construction of the biogas plant’s components started at the premises of BioGTS Ltd’s subcontractors in autumn 2017. The components were delivered to China during the autumn and the beginning of 2018. The on-site installation begun during the first part of 2018. The operation of the biogas plant is initiated in summer 2018.

The annual feedstock capacity of the plant is about 31,000 tons of agricultural biomass, including corn and straw. The produced biogas is utilized as a substitute for natural gas in traffic use and injected to the natural gas grid. The process residue generated in the plant is utilized as fertilizer that is suitable for organic food production requirements.