The biorefinery plant will utilize municipal and agricultural biomass for the production of biogas and fertilizer products. Produced biogas will be upgraded to biomethane and mainly utilized and sold as transportation fuel.

The production of vehicle biomethane by BioSairila Ltd. offers an opportunity for car owners to switch to emission-free driving in the area of Mikkeli. The biogas production capacity of the biorefinery will correspond to the annual fuel consumption of more than 1,000 passenger cars. BioSairila Ltd. opened a biogas refueling station in the connection with shopping mall Graani in Mikkeli in autumn 2017. At the beginning, the biogas will be produced at the biorefinery of BioHauki Ltd. in Haukivuori.

The location of the biorefinery plant will be the Metsäsairila waste management company’s site in Mikkeli, Finland. The construction work of biorefinery are well underway and the plant will start its operation at the beginning of 2019.