The Kuitia farm owned by Ilkka Herlin and Saara Kankaanrinta has the world’s first Bioboksi biogas plant.

The Bioboksi biogas plant is based on the idea of local fuel

Ilkka Herlin, founder of the BSAG Baltic Sea Action Group foundation and chairman of the board of Cargotec Oy, signed an order contract for a Bioboksi biogas plant with BioGTS Ltd in the end of 2015. The Bioboksi delivered to Herlin is the first new concept biogas plant of its kind. The BioGTS Ltd Bioboksi concept is based on the idea of local fuel, where fuel for vehicles is produced at the same place where the gas-powered vehicles are refueled or injected into the natural gas grid.

The plant produces electricity, thermal energy and vehicle fuel

The Bioboksi biogas plant system combines a small commercial-scale biogas plant, a biogas upgrading unit and a biomethane refueling station for vehicles into one compact entity. A Bioboksi plant utilizes silage and dry manure to produce energy (electricity, thermal energy, fuel) for the farm’s own use.

Grass silage, for instance, is suitable feedstock for Bioboksi.

The treatment of digestate becomes high-quality nutrient products

Herlin’s goal is to make the 800-hectare farm emission-free and self-sufficient in both energy production and nutrient recycling. In the Bioboksi project, digestate from the biogas plant is used to develop high-quality nutrient products whose optimized composition helps improve the soil and makes microbes in the soil utilize nutrients more efficiently.

The Bioboksi biogas plant delivered to Kuitia was tested in Jyväskylä.