The Haukivuori biogas plant site – 05/2017

The biogas plant delivered by BioGTS Ltd. for BioHauki Ltd. began its operation in Haukivuori during the summer of 2017. BioHauki’s owners are Etelä-Savon Energia Oy (Southern Savonia Energy) and 14 other locals from Mikkeli, mainly agricultural entrepreneurs. Construction work of the biogas plant was initiated in September 2016. Operation of the plant initiated in April 2017 and the opening ceremony was held in August 2017.

The Haukivuori biogas plant site at the end of 2016.

In the biogas plant, the livestock manure from the organic farms is refined into biogas, which is used as such for heat production and still further upgraded into vehicle fuel. Organic fertilizers are generated as byproducts. Odor emissions stemming from the raw materials are minimized by the underpressurization of the closed reception building and ozonization of all exhaust air.

Locally produced fuel is significant for the region

The biogas plant has a positive effect on the whole region. The plant reduces agri-environmental emissions, creates jobs in Haukivuori, and produces biogas, which economically replaces fossil vehicle fuels and reduces particulate and carbon dioxide emissions from energy production and use. The biogas plant produces organic fertilizers from the livestock manure at the right time in the right place.

The biogas plant started running and the refueling with biogas was introduced in Haukivuori in the early spring of 2017. The opening ceremony was held in August 2017.