The biogas plant delivered by BioGTS Ltd for Mustankorkea will process organic waste and produce renewable energy as vehicle fuel.

The project is a strong statement in the region, which has invested heavily in bioenergy and renewable energy projects in recent years.

Central Finland’s municipal waste from households become biofuels, fertilizers and soil improvement media

The Mustankorkea biogas plant.
The Mustankorkea biogas plant.


”In the future, 30 million kilometers will be driven in Central Finland with the use of biofuels, produced from municipal waste from households in Central Finland. In addition, the residual mass is turned into fertilizers and soil improvement media. Waste is actually turned into products”, says Esko Martikainen, Managing Director of Mustankorkea Ltd. The biogas plant investment is Mustankorkea’s biggest single investment in the company’s history.

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