Punkalaitumen Bioenergiayhtiö Ltd is having a modern biogas plant based on the dry anaerobic digestion process built along highway 2, in the Kanteenmaa area of Punkalaidun. The biogas plant produces biomethane for vehicle fuel use by recycling and upgrading biomasses and biodegradable waste from agriculture and the food industry.

The treatment capacity of the plant of Punkalaitumen Bioenergia Ltd. is around 10,000 tons per year. A modern biogas plant based on the dry anaerobic digestion process is the most cost-effective way of handling biodegradable waste from agriculture and reducing emissions resulting from manure management. Treatment in the biogas plant reduces the methane and odor emissions resulting from animal manure by as much as 90 %.

The biogas plant at Punkalaidun is the first biogas plant outside Finland’s natural gas grid, where biomethane will be transported with gas transportation containers from the biogas plant and injected into the natural gas grid. This will enable the efficient distribution of biomethane to customers, in particular for the purpose of vehicle fuel. From the point of view of the operator of the biogas plant, this will ensure a stable demand for the produced biomethane. In addition, SEO (Suomen Energiaosuuskunta, Finnish Energy Cooperative) is investing in a new refueling station, which will distribute both gaseous and liquid fuels to the consumers, in the immediate vicinity of the biogas plant.

Punkalaidun BioGTS® biogas plant.

The preparation work of the biogas plant project at Punkalaidun has gone on for more than two years. The project has now reached the phase when the installation works on site are well underway. The CEO of BioGTS, Mika Rautiainen, sees the Punkalaidun project as a significant opening for other similar biogas plant projects.

“The innovative operating model of Punkalaitumen Bioenergia Ltd for delivering biomethane to the market will act as an important driver for many other initiated biogas plant projects in Finland. We believe that other similar biogas plant projects outside the natural gas grid will be launched across Finland, thanks to this”, Rautiainen rejoices.