Food industry

– utilize the residues from the treatment processes of plant- and animal-based raw materials

Take full advantage by using the BioGTS® biogas plant

With the BioGTS biogas plant, you can turn the financially unproductive food industry residues into vehicle fuel or direct them straight to the industry’s own production of electricity and thermal energy. The generation of biogas and biodiesel is now more profitable than ever, thanks to the technology we have developed.

The biogas and biodiesel plants in the food industry

Our biogas plants can utilize most of the organic residues created in food production and processing.

Types of waste and biomass suitable for our biogas plants include for example:

  • surplus materials and residues from the food industry
  • biowaste
  • slaughterhouse waste
  • fish processing waste
  • sewage sludge
  • other organic and biodegradable waste and biomasses.

The BioGTS biodiesel plant is capable of producing environmentally friendly biodiesel, which can be used as vehicle fuel or similarly to fuel oil. Raw materials from the food industry that can be utilized at the biodiesel plant include waste oils and fats from the food, animal production and fishery industries, as well as used cooking oils and grease trap waste.

Let’s find a solution for you!

We offer new opportunities for handling secondary material flows and producing renewable energy. We will launch biogas or biodiesel production completely as a turn-key solution, so you can focus on your core business also during the plant’s construction and commissioning time.

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