Other producers of organic waste

– profitable biogas and biodiesel production, even with smaller amounts of waste

The BioGTS® biogas plant is the solution for managing biodegradable waste and generating bioenergy

The technology behind the BioGTS biogas plant enables profitable biogas production – even with smaller amount of waste. Our biogas plants are easy to operate and can utilize a wide range of residues, such as animal- and plant-based biomasses, as feedstock.

Environmentally friendly biodiesel from the BioGTS biodiesel plant

Environmentally friendly biodiesel that has been cost-effectively produced using the BioGTS biodiesel technology can be used as vehicle fuel in normal diesel vehicles, or as fuel oil, for example as heating oil, in machinery or in generators, either at 100 per cent or blended with fossil fuels.

Materials such as used cooking oils; waste oils and fats from the food, animal production and fishery industries; oily fractions separated from biowaste; and waste from grease traps, can be used as raw material for the biodiesel produced at our BioGTS biogas plants.

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We offer new opportunities to manage your residues and generate renewable energy. We can provide you with a turn-key solution to start your biogas and biodiesel production so that you are free to focus on your own core business activities, even during the plant’s construction and implementation phases.

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