Waste management and energy sector

– profitable waste management and efficient bioenergy production

From municipal waste and agricultural residues to bioenergy, cost-effectively

The end products generated by our biogas plants include for example vehicle fuel, industrial gas, electricity and heat.

The digestate produced by the BioGTS® biogas plant, based on the dry anaerobic digestion process, has high hygienic quality and can be upgraded into organic fertilizers and soil improvement products.

The environmentally friendly biodiesel produced at a BioGTS biodiesel plant can be used as vehicle fuel in normal diesel vehicles, or as fuel oil, for example as heating oil, in machinery or in generators, either at 100 per cent or blended with fossil fuels.

Efficient and environmentally friendly waste management

The biogas and biodiesel technologies developed by BioGTS enable efficient, environmentally friendly and safe treatment of biodegradable feedstock.

What feedstocks are suitable for a biogas plant?

Our biogas plants can utilize most of the organic waste and sewage sludge taken to waste treatment plants. Types of waste and biomass suitable for our biogas plants include:

  • organic fraction of municipal solid waste
  • industrial residues
  • sewage sludge
  • agricultural biomasses
  • other organic and biodegradable waste and biomasses.

Let’s find a solution for you!

We offer new opportunities to manage your residues and generate renewable energy. We can provide you with a turn-key solution to start your biogas and biodiesel production so that you are free to focus on your own core business activities, even during the plant’s construction and implementation phases.

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